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The Sims Sites - Non Sims Sites - Link Graveyard

Enjoy!  Links are listed alphabetically.

The Sims Sites!

The Sims 2 Official Site
The official site for The Sims 2 US PC version.

The Sims
The official site for The Sims US PC version.

The Sims
Download almost anything you want for The Sims 2 here, from walls/floors, to objects and lots.

Subscription site;  I don't know much about it, except Blueprint USED to be there.
Freebies available.

The Sims Resource
Subscription site, couple of freebies available, nice site.  One of the longest running sites around.
Nice forum community.

The Well Dressed Sim
Subscription site; but some objects are still free.

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Non-Sims Sites

Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner: Crazy-go-nuts adventures of Homestar, Strong Bad, and others.
Mostly updates Mondays.

Odd Todd - A No Nothing Production
Odd Todd: The odd life and odd times of an unemployed man.  Parental Guidance suggested.
Updates whenever.  Also viewable @ Comedy

High Score's Bonus Stage
High Score's Bonus Stage: Weekly updated semi-random flash cartoon. Unofficial banner.
Mostly updates Fridays.  Part of KeenToons.

Least I Could Do
Least I Could Do: Comic about the life of Rayne Summers and friends.  Parental Guidance suggested.
Updates Mon-Sat.

VG Cats
VG Cats: Gaming web comic starring cats and other extreme characters.
Updates Mondays.

El Goonish Shive
El Goonish Shive: Weird comic about a group of friends, a transformation gun, and a squirrel girl.
Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Part of KeenSpot.

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade: Hilarious web-comic about video games.  Parental Guidance suggested.
Updates Mon-Wed-Fri.

Can't Get Enough Futurama
Can't Get Enough Futurama: Site dedicated to the TV show Futurama. Unofficial banner.


Gaming community, Forums & chat, Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...
^(They linked to my site)^

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The Link Graveyard...

Any site on this page that has closed will be listed here so we will never forget them.
Some sites here are still online, but no longer update (or have not updated in a while).  These are denoted by a red "
Still online." text.

Simz Online

Closed April 10, 2001.

Sim Community News Own domain

Closed April 2001, revived at HomeSims.

Closed August 6, 2001, revived at own domain.

Closed in 2001

Closed August 6, 2001


Closed July 11, 2001, with Project Sims.

Rick's Sims

Still online. Closed September 20, 2001

Sim Heaven
Went offline Fall 2001


Ah yes, the cancelled Maxis game.
The Sim

Still online. Interestingly funny site.  I don't know why... Closed 2002

Roman Sims
Still online. Roman themed downloads for the game. Last updated April 8, 2004
Sims Plus!
Still online. Last updated early 2004

7 Deadly Sims
Still online. Excellent free objects, and the pay site 8th Deadly Sim helps sustain this free site.

Still online. The site is now known as SimsTools. Home to Bil Simser's and Tom Van Dijk's programs for the game, including SimExplorer and Blueprint.  Plenty of other fine programs to download.

May they rest in peace...

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