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12/02/2005 - The date was wrong earlier.
5 Years...
...and the site is dead.  I guess.

If anyone hasn't noticed already, I've completely lost interest in this site.  I don't play The Sims 2 much anymore, but I'm still a fan.  I never was any good at making items, and I got tired of it.  This site hasn't seen an update in ages, and it seems like now, it will stay that way.  Especially considering all I have time for now is working at Kroger, going to school, and playing Nintendo DS games.  It's been an "okay" ride...I unfortunately, this ride has ridden its last...ride... 

Goodbye, fans of Andrew's SimPage!

...all three of you.

Andrew's SimPage!
July 23, 2000 - December 2, 2005

Extra Info! Updated January 16, 2006

Look for "AndrewSP" on, IGNBoards, Toon Zone, Halo 2, and Mario Kart DS; "Andrew in Kakariko" in Animal Crossing: Wild World. See the Contact page for details.

All downloads currently on the site will remain up. There are no plans to remove anything at this time. 

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